New Zealand

New Zealand is our second home. Dual nationality is a great gift, but it’s just so far away! In the last couple of weeks especially it has seemed further away than ever and we are homesick. As such, we obviously had to include it in our ‘world travel’ and we had an expert at hand to make sure it was authentic.


Weetbix. There is no ‘a’ in the new Zealand version, as we were in fake New Zealand I let this travesty slide. If we had had some, I definitely would have been all about the NZ marmite. It just might be better than ours and I will be picking some up when we are in real New Zealand in the summer.

We Watched

Moana! All about how the Maori people came to New Zealand – its definitely one of our favourite Disney movies. It’s got some famous Kiwi’s in it too and probably more toddler friendly than a Lord of the Rings marathon…


We had a BBQ. It was freakishly warm for February but we would have done it anyway. Mark suggested a hangi but I wasn’t especially willing to dig the lawn up (or convinced he knew what he was doing), so a BBQ it was. It was fab and for pudding we had pavlovas which are super-easy for kids to make with some canned cream and cut up fruit. We are to ignore all Aussie claims that they invented pavlovas apparently. They lie.

The Adventure 

Of course, we had to find some sheep to pet. So we headed to Wind-Mill farm, which is about 30 minutes away from us inland. We arrived and found a whole host of animals to pet and feed and cuddle. Major highlights for Penny were feeding a lamb and cuddling a Guinea Pig. We also found some Wallabies… I know, I know – they are Aussie but the Kiwi declared that they do have Wallabies in New Zealand too (I think they hunt them) so this was pleasing. And we met a lady from New Zealand petting the sheep, which was even more pleasing. It was a lovely day and Freddie nearly died of glee when we took a little train ride around the farm on the miniature locomotive.

Wind-Mill farm had a soft play area which I think is very authentic, as I have been to many soft play centres in New Zealand and so we threw the kids in there to finish them off.


On the way home, we found a literally gorgeous Fish and Chip shop. Fish and Chips are a big deal in New Zealand, in fact before I knew better, getting antipodeans to say fish and chips was my best route into knowing where they were from. These were extra specially crispy and lush – definitely recommended!

Next time

Rugby. We have a pretty cool Rugby Club just down the road which would be worth a visit, or we could check if there are any games we could go and watch. We are really close to Wigan and St Helens so I’m pretty sure next time we will be able to go. There is also a Rugby Tots on weekend mornings at the local schools and you only have to pay per session so they could be brilliant if it’s a sunny day. 

Making sheep out of cotton wool and toilet rolls would be good and fairly easy, or a kiwi bird with feathers would be awesome.

I’d like to bake some Anzac biscuits too, and if you had older kids you could definitely talk about some pretty cool history of the biscuits as you baked them.

Votes for Women! New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote and so you could do some suffragette sash making if you felt like it.

Jogging. Allegedly (!) a Kiwi man called Arthur Lydiard invented jogging. I find this claim similar to Dr Evils claim that he invented the Question Mark in the Austin Powers movie, but Wikipedia says its true so it must be. As such; go for a jog!

Wine tasting. Save this one for when the kids are in bed… put on an old episode of Flight of the Conchords, put your feet up and immerse yourself in the best Sauvignon Blanc you can find.

We had a New Zealand theme day visiting an animal farm local to us, we ate fish and chips which are popular in New Zealand and lots of other activities

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