Visit Disneyland Paris from home

Disneyland Paris is one of the most magical places on earth, where dreams come true and happiness is found around every corner. However, sometimes life can get in the way of visiting this incredible destination, whether it’s due to financial constraints, scheduling conflicts, or the current global pandemic. But just because you can’t physically visit … Read more

Exploring… Eastern Europe

Some of my absolute favourite pretend travel over the years has been to Eastern Europe. Poland, Romania and Russia have shown themselves to be fun of joy and culture and warmth. Below is a run down of some of our favourite activities and how you can recreate them at home! Crafts There is nothing we … Read more

Exploring… Oceania

Pretend trips exploring Oceania including Christmas in June, and visits to Samoa, New Zealand and Australia. Pretty much the first thing I did when both the kids were born was apply for New Zealand citizenship for them as Mark is New Zealand born and bred. So, very early on in our pretend travels we went … Read more

Exploring… Africa

As a part of our pretend travel days we have explored many places, including exploring Africa by pretending to travel to Kenya, Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria. Africa has turned out to be the most beautiful and diverse of places and has been a joy to discover. I know there are so many more countries for … Read more