Our Adventures

Playing Pretend

Each weekend we find a new place to travel to! We choose a country and spend a day eating the food, learning the language and crafts and having themed adventures.

Real World Travels

We love to travel and as a family of Kiwis and Brits we often find ourselves in exciting places. Follow along with us on our Instagram.

Days Out With Kids

As part of our adventures we are so delighted to be able to try different days out  and weekends away both in the UK and abroad.

 Come and join us!

The North West

We love exploring our local area. We visit the beaches, cities, farms and country estates of this beautiful part of the UK 

Trying New Things!

We are naturally adventurous and we love trying out new things – from food and drink to toys and games.

Eating Out

We think its so important for kids to try new tastes and flavours and so we eat our way around the world too. From Thailand to Canada via Kenya and everything in between!

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