A friend of mine is working with a Danish company and she brought me back some liquorice from a trip to Copenhagen. Over a drink she told me all about the philosophy in Denmark of ‘hygge’ (sort of cosiness and comfort) and after a really stressful week for all of us it seemed liked the perfect place to pretend to visit.


We ate Danish Pastries. I have a feeling they are not, in fact, Danish, but it didn’t matter to me! The Danish lifestyle of having a good time started early too as we all lounged around in our PJs. Such a lovely relaxing start to the day.


Penny was really excited because when she came downstairs there was a big box of Lego waiting for her (Lego is Danish). I’ve never really liked Lego, if I’m honest, but Penny was really into it and made a good attempt at creating a children’s playground. Freddie already has Duplo to play with and both of them were happily occupied for most of the morning.

Hans Christian Anderson

I have loved the stories of Hans Christian Anderson for years and so I took advantage of the day to buy Penny and Freddie an illustrated treasury of his works. There were so many beautiful and long forgotten tales in there, including The Little Match Girl, The Princess and the Pea, The Ugly Duckling and of course The Little Mermaid. 

For lunch we had meatballs and little mermaid cupcakes and as it was finally gloriously sunny, we scrapped our plans to watch The Little Mermaid and played in the sunshine instead!

Learning Danish

Penny really loves to colour and draw and so I got her this great Danish colouring book which had the words and their translation to colour in as well. It was slightly unfortunate that Penny chose to colour a donut (Danish – donut) but I’m hopeful that Freddie will remember that his bear is Bjorn in Danish… The Kiwi is quite convinced he is now fluent.


The parents had open salmon sandwiches (the kids had cheese) and of course we drank some Danish beer and ate some Danish blue cheese (again us, not the kids). By now I had concluded that I might as well go and live there as I could really see why they are considered the happiest people in the world.

Bedtime story

I can’t make it through any of the stories in the treasury without openly weeping! But I do love the stories and so does Penny so we chose the Brave Tin Soldier and made the Kiwi read it so we could have a good cry!

Family and friends

On Sunday in the spirit of living like people from Denmark we invited granny and granddad round for a BBQ and we all enjoyed Danish bacon medallions and sausages. My parents came well prepared with lemon tart and Danish pastries and we all had an excellent time. 

After they left my closest friends came round with their children and as Laura was the one to suggest Denmark she came with gifts of Danish sweets and tales of Copenhagen (not as dirty as the one my dad told about when he went there in 1971 but that’s for a very different blog!!).


Our final (and my favourite) Danish experience was to have a family night in. We popped some corn and put on the old Danny Kaye movie ‘Hans Christian Anderson’. I so loved that movie and the songs when I was a little girl and my sister and I used to wish so hard that someone would buy us a bouquet of ballet shoes. 

We absolutely loved our visit to Denmark. If you’d like to read more – check out our pretend trip to Sweden too!

Pretend travel to Denmark through stories, crafts and food

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