About Me

Let’s Get Aquainted

Hi, I’m Nancy. I’m a teacher, a mother and a part time traveller.

This blog came out from my experiences trying to entertain my small humans during the school holidays. Penelope is seven and Freddie is four and they love days out, adventures, new tastes and exciting ideas.

As a family spilt between New Zealand and the UK we travel a lot, but budgets and work don’t always allow us the time or money to see the world, so this blog is all about our ideas for the stay at home holidays. We have invented a system where we travel the world while staying at home, one recipe, experience or restaurant at a time.

Toddlers and fine dining don’t mix so this blog is all about messy play, free days out and adventures for the family with a world traveller vibe. You can also find out all about my love of crochet on my other blog.