One of my friends is the Director of the stage version of ‘The King and I‘ which was on at the London Palladium and now has come to Manchester, where the Kiwi and I are finally getting to see it tonight! Inspired by this we decided to spend Saturday in Thailand.


Coconut pancakes seemed to be the most accessible of the different breakfasts I researched and we served them with nutella (for me and Penny) and syrup (for the boys). They were delicious! I think I would make another batch just for me! You basically substitute milk for coconut milk and add a couple of spoons of desiccated coconut. Much love for this recipe and it sort of felt healthy!


Thailand is famous for it’s tigers who live in some of the most beautiful temples. In the spirit of this and to teach Penny about the dangers that wild animals face, I adopted her a tiger from the WWF.

I chose to include the tiger toy in our order because I thought it would make the event more special for Penny. She was genuinely really excited and (although her tiger is sadly not from Thailand) it was a very special gift. I learned a lot researching this too – like that there are more tigers in captivity in the USA than there are in the wild. I think that this adoption was a really important lesson for Penny and for me! To our absolute delight the WWF saw our post on Instagram and sent Penny a special message from her tiger. So lovely.

We listened to…

The King and I! Well the kids listened to it in the car and the Kiwi is treating me to a very special date night to watched the stage version in Manchester. It is the last night before it goes over to Dublin and I know it will be spectacular! It’s nice to have something that was specially for us and I can’t wait to see the set and the costumes! What a brilliant evening (and my seats are amazing and I will have pink wine).


Ayuthaya is a fab Thai restaurant in Crosby near Liverpool. I had been there before, but always with friends, and I hadn’t taken the children. 

The food was brilliant. I can’t believe how many brilliant independent restaurants there are out there. They didn’t have a children’s menu but they made the kids a delicious chicken fried rice which they both loved. It’s so brilliant to have kids that are willing to try new things (Freddie will eat anything as long as it’s a carb). My pad thai was so tasty and I think I’m going to obsess about the sweetcorn fritters until I get back!

The beach

I always think of the beach when I think of Thailand and so we went to a beach before lunch, just down the road from the restaurant in Crosby. To give it an authentic Thai vibe(!) we took a blow up elephant and a coconut which we smashed and drank from (it was so nice – I had forgotten how nice fresh coconut is!)… but if only we had had the Thai weather to match! 

We had completely failed to remember just how wet and messy Crosby beach is and while the kids had the best time ever we actually had to buy Freddie a new outfit before we dared to go to the restaurant. He rolled and rolled and rolled! 

This beach also has the amazing sculptures by Anthony Gormley on it… to the best of my knowledge absolutely unrelated to Thailand, but always worth a visit as I love the way they stand and look out to sea. 


I’m making a Thai Green Curry and Jasmine rice and the kids are having coconut ice lollies for dessert. I’ve definitely rolled with the coconut theme today!

The Evening Before

Before bed the night before we had planned something very special. In Thailand they have Lantern festivals which are a purification ceremony to cleanse your spirit. We decided to have our own mini version. 

We didn’t want to release many as we know they are not great for the environment and so the children released one each into the evening sky. We then released one more with the names of people we have lost and love on them. It was absolutely beautiful and  I think that this was my absolutely favourite part of our adventure in Thailand! To find out about our other adventures in Asia, have a look here.

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