Return to New Zealand

Penny asked if we could have another New Zealand day as it was one of her favourites (she’s a half Kiwi kid – of course it was!). We wanted to make sure this day was different from the last, so we made a number of changes.

Windmill Farm

This gorgeous farm has a petting zoo and lambs that you can feed. Tongues firmly in cheeks we set out for this little taste of New Zealand. Penny really loves petting the smaller animals and Freddie gets so excited when he sees the animals from his story books. 

There was much mooing (at cows and also horses and most other animals) and he thought he was in heaven when we went on the little train.

Windmill Farm also has a soft play and some play grounds so it’s an excellent place for adventurous kids. The highlight for Freddie was definitely the little train and cuddling a Guinea Pig. 

Penny loved every bit of the day – the cuddles, feeding the lambs, finding a little lamb to feed grass to and tonnes of playgrounds. 


Mark had ordered some special Kiwi goodies from here so we made a little kids tea party from all of his childhood favourites. There were Rashuns, Twisties, Perky Nanas and all manner of excitement. We also made fairy bread, which is white bread with butter and hundreds and thousands. It was such a cute tea party and Mark even ordered himself some cheeky New Zealand beer for a real taste of home.


It’s probable that Lamingtons are actually Australian, but I’m not going to talk about that! They are super fun to make. 

I made some Victoria sponges the night before and then Mark and Penny cut them into squares and dunked them into chocolate icing from a recipe from Edmonds recipe book, that used to be given to every married couple in New Zealand and was bought for us on our wedding day (feel free to email me for it!). 

They then dipped them into desiccated coconut and tried one straight away. They were very very good and we made extra so that granny and granddad could try them too. 

We watched

The Wiggles! I know they are Australian but they had a guest star of a children’s presenter from Marks youth called Robbie Rakete who sang a song all about being from New Zealand. Click this link – but be warned – it’s very catchy!!  



This time round I just had to make lamb, and I invited granny and granddad round to eat it with us. So, I roasted a lamb shoulder and served it with buttery new potatoes and peas because it is summery outside at the moment and I just didn’t feel like a full roast. I had some fresh mint from my garden which Penny picked for me and we all really enjoyed the food! I also bought some asparagus for the older eaters. We finished off with Penny’s home made Lamingtons. 

Bedtime stories

Our kids have always loved Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy which is a book by a New Zealand writer, Lynley Dodd (a Dairy in New Zealand is like a corner shop or a News Agents) This old favourite was the perfect way to end our days journey. 

This summer we will be in New Zealand for real and I think today certainly got Penny and me excited for what is to come.

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