Liverpool, where I live, is a very Irish city. I think I read somewhere that 75% of its residents have strong Irish heritage and so if you are going to celebrate St Patricks Day anywhere outside of Ireland, I think this is the best place to be.

As such, it was pretty clear that we needed to spend the whole weekend immersed in Irish culture and to take advantage of the giant party taking place on our doorstep.


I decided to unleash my inner P’interest mum this weekend and had a look at some of the best crafting projects. 

We started by making a rainbow. We stuck lots of little bits of tissue paper onto some white paper and then stuck cotton wool on another piece of paper to make the cloud.

When it dried it was stiff enough to stand by itself. Penny really enjoyed this project as she was very able to do it herself. Freddie liked throwing the tissue paper about and so we were all happy.

The only thing I had to buy (because I have stupid amounts of crafting stuff in a giant and terrifying cupboard which no-one is allowed to touch) were two terracotta pots to make the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow which were 85p each.

We painted the pots gold and glittered them and then filled them with gold sweets. I had some gold coins left over from Christmas which were perfect.

We are going to use them for the random plants Penny has bought home from her schools gardening club once our Irish travels are over.

It was really a fun project and we all got to eat the chocolate afterwards and talk about leprechauns (which Penny had been learning about at school). It also forced me out of being lazy and made me make an effort to make stuff with Penny which was really good fun. 

We cooked!

Granny and grandad came over for an Irish tea and so I made an Irish Stew from this recipe  which was really delicious and easy. I then made an apple cake by stewing some apples and putting a Victoria sponge cake over the top. (Google tells me apple cakes are Irish – and it was really good).

Freddie had helped me to make the cake as he loves cooking and afterwards we played some games and listened to some Irish music. Freddie thinks the hungry hippos are real and like to feed them marbles. 

The adventure

The next day we started our Irish adventure in the Baltic Market in Liverpool which had a pretty good Irish theme in it’s decorations (although we ate pizza and hot cookie dough – shhh). 

To make up for it, I bravely had an Irish themed gin cocktail in the spirit of St Patrick’s day. We then tracked down the St Patrick’s day parade in the city centre which had loads of great music. Penny’s favourite music from Ireland is B*Witched (my fault) so we listened to their classics hits (!) all the way to our next adventure.

The Liverpool Irish Centre

What a find! We drove to the Liverpool Irish centre which was packed with families and playing really fantastic live Irish music. We bought some drinks and ‘tayto’ crisps and had a fantastic afternoon. The kids danced to the music and there was a playground outside and it felt like we had gatecrashed a brilliant party. Which I suppose we had.

We eventually left to go home for a supper (largely consisting of potatoes) and we all felt like we had really been to Ireland.

Once again, Liverpool, what a magical city you are.

We had an Ireland themed weekend in Liverpool during St Patricks Day. We made some Irish crafts and listened to Irish music

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