Return to China

It was Chinese New Year last week and I had heard amazing things about the celebration on Liverpool which has the oldest China Town in Europe. So a pretend visit was most definitely in order! If you want to read about the first pretend visit we made to China you can find it here.

Getting creative!

Now I can’t take credit for any of these wonderful crafting ideas as it was Freddie’s brilliant nursery which created them with him. We have a red lantern, a blossom tree, a dragon puppet and a fortune cookie! They decorated our house perfectly for the adventures ahead.

We went shopping!

We are lucky enough to have a really big Chinese Supermarket quite near by and which we love and so we went to stock up on yummy bakery items and fantastic sweets! Every time we go we buy a couple of red Chinese plates to and so we are building up a really nice collection – which is especially perfect for takeaways and nights in. The pork buns are to absolutely die for and I bought a can of lychees too for the kids to try. 

Eating Out!

We asked granny and grandad out with us and headed to our local Chinese restaurant. Freddie really loves rice and ate more chicken fried rice than you could imagine. Penny loved the banana fritters and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I have bought the kids these cute little kid friendly chopsticks (I think they are actually Japanese) ad they work really well to make the meal more exciting. Penny is really rather good with hers!

Watching Mulan

We really love the movie Mulan and so we settled down to watch it with prawn crackers and Chinese style sweets.

A little bit of googling told me that Jackie Chan had actually played the male lead in the Cantonese and Mandarin versions and so we found those soundtracks and listened to them all weekend in the car. We are all very excited for the live action remake which is pending!

China Town!!

We are so blessed to live near to Liverpool and in China Town they have the largest Chinese arch outside of Europe. There was so much going on from fireworks to dragon dances to dance displays and a big fairground too. We were in the middle of the best party! I can’t believe that after so many years of living here this is the first time that I have been. What was really lovely was how many different ethnicities were taking part in the celebrations. After the rise in Xenophobia – the inevitable bitter pill of BREXIT – it was good to see such a show of togetherness and unity.

Puppet Shows

We bought a lovely couple of puppets in China town – a dragon and a lion. We played and played with them ever since – to the extent that the dragon has had to go to grandad for repairs. Freddie especially loves the puppets with their bright colours and barks at them like a dog!

Penny’s make up

There was an amazing face painter at the festival who painted Penny’s face like a blossom tree. It was so pretty with its sparkles and it matched her dress too! Pretend travel is just as good as real travel for lots of fun and new experiences.

Bedtime stories

To finish the day we read one of Penny’s favourite old stories – the magic paintbrush, which is set in China. Its a lovely tale for of magic and morals and you can pick up your own copy on Amazon for about £5.

We visited China Town in Liverpool, ate chinese food, read books and watched TV programmes as well as creating crafts for a China themed weekend with the children at home

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